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[ spawr-tee, spohr- ]


, Informal.
, sport·i·er, sport·i·est.
  1. flashy; showy.
  2. smart in dress, behavior, etc.
  3. like or befitting a sportsman.
  4. dissipated; fast:

    a sporty crowd.

  5. designed for or suitable for sport.


/ ˈspɔːtɪ /


  1. (of a person) fond of sport or outdoor activities
  2. (of clothes) having the appearance of sportswear
  3. (of a car) having the performance or appearance of a sports car


  1. informal.
    a young person who typically wears sportswear, is competitive about sport , and takes an interest in his or her fitness

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsportiness, noun
  • ˈsportily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • sporti·ly adverb
  • sporti·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sporty1

First recorded in 1885–90; sport + -y 1

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Example Sentences

With its paneling and color, this shirt looks extremely sporty—I wouldn’t dress it up with jeans—but this wasn’t a style test.

The two SUVs are Porsche’s top-selling models, and the low-slung Panamera is a fantastic option for those looking for a sporty sedan.

So, play it on the safe side and only get sporty with your quaran-team, as tempting as it is to dive into a bigger game.

Higher assist levels have a sporty feel but come at the cost of range.

The company also has interests in sporty brand Nautica and youth outfitter Aéropostale.

From Ozy

Beachwear was the dress code, and even classic tailoring was given a shake up and repurposed into sleek and sporty silhouettes.

The ribbed khaki look could also came on sporty-looking trousers which tied at the ankles.

The lengths added that luxe-sporty touch that the designer embraces so well.

The designer's Spring collection for Prada featured sporty motifs, bras on outerwear, and massive faces on just about everything.

For his spring/ summer 2014 show, designer Scott Sternberg took audiences on a sporty trip behind the Hollywood sign.

You see, they are a sporty crowd—race track habitues, and all that.

The chums liked Mark Stratford and they did not believe that he was anywhere near as “sporty” as Burd had intimated.

That sporty way of answering, as if he was closing a bet, made me surer than ever that he was not cut out for a butcher.

I noticed, too, when you were home Easter, that you were running to sporty clothes and cigarettes.

"Your time has come to knock out this fellow Merriwell, Hugh," declared the big fellow's sporty companion.


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