noun, plural sprats, (especially collectively) sprat for 1.

a species of herring, Clupea sprattus, of the eastern North Atlantic.
a small or inconsequential person or thing.

Origin of sprat

1590–1600; variant of earlier sprot, Middle English, Old English (cognate with German Sprott); apparently same word as Old English sprott sprout, twig (for the two meanings cf. sprag2); akin to Old English spryttan to sprout
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Historical Examples of sprat

  • They 'swallowed the engagement as if it had been a sprat in the mouth of a whale.'


    James Anthony Froude

  • "We will throw a sprat to catch a herring," quoted Momsey cheerfully.

  • Theyre wondering who this sprat is that we are asked to swallow.

    The Bishop's Apron

    W. Somerset Maugham

  • And yet it was not always easy for the sprat to catch the whale.

  • Butler, Sprat, and Martin Clifford are named as his coadjutors.

    The Age of Dryden

    Richard Garnett

British Dictionary definitions for sprat



a small marine food fish, Clupea sprattus, of the NE Atlantic Ocean and North Sea: family Clupeidae (herrings)See also brisling
any of various small or young herrings

Word Origin for sprat

C16: variant of Old English sprott; related to Middle Low German sprott, Norwegian sprot small rod
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Word Origin and History for sprat

"small European herring," 1590s, variant of sprot, from Old English sprot "a small herring," related to Dutch sprot, and probably connected to sprout.

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