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spring balance

esp US spring scale

  1. a device in which an object to be weighed is attached to the end of a helical spring, the extension of which indicates the weight of the object on a calibrated scale
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Historical Examples of spring balance

  • The bottom of this spring-balance is secured on to the fire-box.

    The Steam Engine Explained and Illustrated (Seventh Edition)

    Dionysius Lardner

  • The big lynx we could not weigh, being beyond the limit of the spring-balance.

  • If a pound weight were put in a spring-balance, then at the surface of the earth it would weigh one pound.

    Aether and Gravitation

    William George Hooper

  • The spring-balance registers the weight of an article by the extent to which it draws out or compresses a spiral spring.

  • Portland and I assisted at the capture, and the fish dragged the spring-balance out by the roots.