[ spring-kling ]
/ ˈsprɪŋ klɪŋ /


a small quantity or number scattered here and there.
a small quantity sprinkled or to be sprinkled.

Origin of sprinkling

First recorded in 1400–50, sprinkling is from the late Middle English word sprenclyng. See sprinkle, -ing1

Related forms

sprin·kling·ly, adverb

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[ spring-kuhl ]
/ ˈsprɪŋ kəl /

verb (used with object), sprin·kled, sprin·kling.

verb (used without object), sprin·kled, sprin·kling.


Origin of sprinkle

1350–1400; Middle English sprenklen (v.); cognate with Dutch sprenkelen, German sprenkeln; akin to Old English sprengan to sprinkle, make (something) spring, scatter, causative of springan to spring


1 distribute, rain. Sprinkle, scatter, strew mean to fling, spread, or disperse. To sprinkle means to fling about small drops or particles: to sprinkle water on clothes, powder on plants. To scatter is to disperse or spread widely: to scatter seeds. To strew is to scatter, especially in such a way as to cover or partially cover a surface: to strew flowers on a grave.

Related forms

in·ter·sprin·kle, verb (used with object), in·ter·sprin·kled, in·ter·sprin·kling.pre·sprin·kle, verb (used with object), pre·sprin·kled, pre·sprin·kling.re·sprin·kle, verb, re·sprin·kled, re·sprin·kling.un·sprin·kled, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for sprinkling (1 of 2)


/ (ˈsprɪŋklɪŋ) /


a small quantity or amounta sprinkling of commonsense

British Dictionary definitions for sprinkling (2 of 2)


/ (ˈsprɪŋkəl) /


to scatter (liquid, powder, etc) in tiny particles or droplets over (something)
(tr) to distribute over (something)the field was sprinkled with flowers
(intr) to drizzle slightly


the act or an instance of sprinkling or a quantity that is sprinkled
a slight drizzle

Word Origin for sprinkle

C14: probably from Middle Dutch sprenkelen; related to Old English spearca spark 1
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