or spright

[ sprahyt ]
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  1. (in folklore) an elf, fairy, or goblin.

Origin of sprite

1400–1450; Middle English sprit, spreit, from Anglo-French spirit(e), Old French esprit, espirit(e), from Latin spīritus spirit

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See fairy.

Other words from sprite

  • spritehood, noun
  • spriteless, adjective
  • spritelike, adjective

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/ (spraɪt) /

  1. (in folklore) a nimble elflike creature, esp one associated with water

  2. a small dainty person

  1. an icon in a computer game which can be manoeuvred around the screen by means of a joystick, etc

Origin of sprite

C13: from Old French esprit, from Latin spīritus spirit 1

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