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  1. Machinery.
    1. Also called chainwheel, sprocket wheel.a toothed wheel engaging with a conveyor or power chain.
    2. one tooth of such a wheel.
  2. Carpentry. a wedge-shaped piece of wood extending a sloping roof over the eaves with a flatter pitch.

Origin of sprocket

First recorded in 1530–40; origin uncertain
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cog, sprocket, cogwheel, pinion, gearwheel

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  1. Also called: sprocket wheel a relatively thin wheel having teeth projecting radially from the rim, esp one that drives or is driven by a chain
  2. an individual tooth on such a wheel
  3. a cylindrical wheel with teeth on one or both rims for pulling film through a camera or projector
  4. a small wedge-shaped piece of wood used to extend a roof over the eaves

Word Origin for sprocket

C16: of unknown origin
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Word Origin and History for sprocket

1530s, originally a carpenters' word for a piece of timber used in framing, of unknown origin. The meaning "projection from the rim of a wheel that engages the links of a chain" is first recorded 1750.

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