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[spuh-moh-nee, -ney; Italian spoo-maw-ne]
  1. an Italian style of ice cream of a very fine and smooth texture, usually containing layers of various colors and flavors and chopped fruit or nuts.
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Also spu·mo·ni [spuh-moh-nee] /spəˈmoʊ ni/.

Origin of spumone

1920–25; < Italian, equivalent to spum(a) spume + -one augmentative suffix
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British Dictionary definitions for spumoni



noun plural -ni (-nɪ)
  1. a creamy Italian ice cream, made in sections of different colouring, usually containing candied fruit and nuts
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Word Origin

Italian, from spuma foam, spume
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Word Origin and History for spumoni


kind of ice cream dessert, 1929, from Italian spumone (singular), spumoni (plural), from spuma "foam," from Latin spuma (see spume).

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