spy out

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to discover by careful observation: to spy out a route

  2. to make a close scrutiny of: to spy out the land

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How to use spy out in a sentence

  • Valence sent a woman, disguised as a beggar, to spy out the position; but Bruce saw through the dodge, and the spy confessed.

    King Robert the Bruce | A. F. Murison
  • To spy out the land with a naval telescope over a mile of sea means taking a lot on trust as we learned to our cost on April 25th.

  • She was to join him a week later, after he had had time to spy out the land and make his nefarious schemes for a mock marriage.

    Jaffery | William J. Locke
  • Why, to keep one's eyes of either side 's nose, that what a man can not smell out, he may spy out.

  • One day he started with a few men to spy out the position of his Indian foes.