[ skwob ]
/ skwɒb /

noun, plural squabs, (especially collectively for 1) squab.

a nestling pigeon, marketed when fully grown but still unfledged.
a short, stout person.
a thickly stuffed, soft cushion.


short and thick or broad.
(of a bird) unfledged or newly hatched.

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Origin of squab

1630–40; probably < Scandinavian; compare Swedish dialect skvabb loose, fat flesh, skvabba fat woman, Norwegian skvabb soft wet mass
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British Dictionary definitions for squab

/ (skwɒb) /

noun plural squabs or squab

a young unfledged bird, esp a pigeon
a short fat person
  1. a well-stuffed bolster or cushion
  2. a sofa


(of birds) recently hatched and still unfledged
short and fat

Derived forms of squab

squabby, adjective

Word Origin for squab

C17: probably of Germanic origin; compare Swedish dialect sqvabb flabby skin, sqvabba fat woman, German Quabbe soft mass, Norwegian kvabb mud
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