[ skwair-dans, -dahns ]
/ ˈskwɛərˌdæns, -ˌdɑns /

verb (used without object), square-danced, square-danc·ing.

to perform or participate in a square dance.
to participate in a hoedown.

Origin of square-dance

First recorded in 1955–60

Definition for square-dance (2 of 2)

square dance


a dance by a set of four couples arranged in a square or in some set form.

Origin of square dance

First recorded in 1865–70

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square dancer, nounsquare dancing, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for square-dance

square dance


mainly US and Canadian any of various formation dances, such as a quadrille, in which the couples form squares

verb square-dance

(intr) to perform such a dance

Derived forms of square dance

square-dancer, noun
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