[ skwawk ]
/ skwɔk /

verb (used without object)

to utter a loud, harsh cry, as a duck or other fowl when frightened.
Informal. to complain loudly and vehemently.

verb (used with object)

to utter or give forth with a squawk.


a loud, harsh cry or sound.
Informal. a loud, vehement complaint.
the black-crowned night heron.See under night heron.

Origin of squawk

1815–25; blend of squall2 and hawk3


squawk·er, noun
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Example sentences from the Web for squawk

  • The show was named Squawk on the Street, which makes me think more of puppets than stocks.

  • I would like you to tell Mrs. Meredith that the Squawk is like all other babies in the world and hear what she has to say!

    Banked Fires|E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi

British Dictionary definitions for squawk

/ (skwɔːk) /


a loud raucous cry; screech
informal a loud complaint or protest


to utter a squawk or with a squawk
(intr) informal to complain loudly

Derived forms of squawk

squawker, noun

Word Origin for squawk

C19: of imitative origin
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