[ skwee-teeg ]
/ skwiˈtig /

noun, plural sque·teagues, (especially collectively) sque·teague.

an Atlantic food fish, Cynoscion regalis, of the croaker family.
any of several other Atlantic fishes of the same genus; sea trout.

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Origin of squeteague

1795–1805, Americanism; < southeastern New England Algonquian, orig. plural (compare obsolete E dial. chickwit, squit, etc. < singular of the same word, cognate with Mohegan (E spelling) cheegut)
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British Dictionary definitions for squeteague

/ (skwɪˈtiːɡ) /

noun plural -teague or -teagues

any of various sciaenid food fishes of the genus Cynoscion, esp C. regalis, of the North American coast of the Atlantic Ocean

Word Origin for squeteague

C19: from Narraganset pesukwiteag, literally: they give glue; so called because glue is made from them
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