[ skwin-ee ]

verb (used without object),squin·nied, squin·ny·ing.
  1. to squint.

noun,plural squin·nies.
  1. a squint.

Origin of squinny

1595–1605; perhaps equivalent to squin- (<Dutch schuin oblique, aslant) + -yeye

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How to use squinny in a sentence

  • What makes you think she'd be seen dead with either one of you two squinny old lobsters?

    The Wooing of Calvin Parks | Laura E. Richards
  • Dame Goody saw that it had squinny eyes just like its father.

  • squinny Peters (plain drunk—five bob or the risin'), who is peculiar for always paying his fine, elects to take it out this time.

  • Will you ask your honourable and gallant friend, the Captain, to drive home Mr. squinny to Brompton?

    Men's Wives | William Makepeace Thackeray