• synonyms


  1. steradian.
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Symbol, Chemistry.
  1. strontium.
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  1. seaman recruit.
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  1. Ecclesiastical. Sister.
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Origin of Sr.1

From the Latin word Soror



  1. Sons of the Revolution.
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Examples from the Web for sr

Historical Examples

  • "Not likely, sir," the SR Officer said with a polite, knowing smile.

    Shock Absorber

    E.G. von Wald

  • Sr W.—In sooth, when a shift's turned up, delay is meet for naught but dalliance.


    Mark Twain

  • I never was so disgruntled in all my born days, Mah'sr Harry.

  • Sr I receaued your courteous Letter and with all respects I now agayne salute you.

  • My son has all the lore (they say), but then he (Sr F.) has all the money—la partie n'est pas gale!'

British Dictionary definitions for sr


symbol for
  1. steradian
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the internet domain name for
  1. Suriname
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abbreviation for
  1. (after a name) senior
  2. Señor
  3. Sir
  4. Sister (religious)
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the chemical symbol for
  1. strontium
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sr in Medicine


  1. The symbol for the elementstrontium
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sr in Science


  1. The symbol for strontium.
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[strŏnchē-əm, -tē-əm]
  1. A soft, silvery metallic element of the alkaline-earth group that occurs naturally only as a sulfate or carbonate. One of its isotopes is used in the radiometric dating of rocks. Because strontium salts burn with a red flame, they are used to make fireworks and signal flares. Atomic number 38; atomic weight 87.62; melting point 777°C; boiling point 1,382°C; specific gravity 2.54; valence 2. See Periodic Table.
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