St. Andrews

[ an-drooz ]


  1. a seaport in the Fife region, in E Scotland: resort; golf courses.

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Example Sentences

I encountered The Mysteries of Udolpho when I took a Gothic novel course as a student at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Scotland is where William and Kate's met at the University of St Andrews in Fife.

The Tab points out that Prince William is ineligible for a student loan, as he has already completed a degree at St Andrews.

William and Kate were on the water wagon again at a recent dinner to raise money for their old university St Andrews.

Maybe the St. Andrews maintainence staff had been tipped off.

Now as anybody can see if he looks at the map, it is a long way from St. Andrews to Perth, even as the crow flies.

As the vessel lay tossing in the bay of St. Andrews, a comrade bade him look to the land, and asked him if he knew it.

But what is very remarkable, the spouts crossed each other, in the form of a St. Andrews cross.

He had nearly reached St. Andrews, where Knox dwelt in great agony of spirit.

At St. Andrews the three colleges were to have separate functions, not clashing, and culminating in Divinity.


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