/ ˈstækɪŋ /


  1. the arrangement of aircraft traffic in busy flight lanes, esp while waiting to land at an airport, with a minimum vertical separation for safety of 1000 feet below 29 000 feet and 2000 feet above 29 000 feet

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Example Sentences

These samples are biased, stacking the deck in favor of a connection between mental disorder and violence.

Stacking my mess of chips, I looked down a third time and saw two kings ... two majestic kings.

They are clearly trying to take over the Armed Forces by stacking its junior cadres with their own members.

A novelist escapes to the tropics after tragedies begin stacking up at home.

Second, the right will be hitting Crowley hard, on that and other matters, like allegedly stacking the questions.

The tired waiters are putting up the shutters of the smaller cafés and stacking up the chairs.

Soldiers were already stacking up the chairs ready for the clearance of the gymnasium for the morrow.

There is no shocking, no stacking or housing: all in one operation, the grain is made ready for market.

Beyond that fifty-yard stream lay the enemy, reported now to be stacking up drive impedimenta.

But finally he got tired of his drawer-opening and lamp-testing and towel-stacking, and escorted me up to the twelfth.





stacked heelstacking swivel