[ stey-see ]


  1. a male or female given name.

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Example Sentences

As a 44-year-old mom of three, Stacy couldn’t afford to have any more migraines than she already did.

Stacy deserves our admiration for the work she has put into this project.

Others who will join the rotation include Alan Alda, Candice Bergen, Stacy Keach, and Carol Burnett.

His first girlfriend needs to be Gwen Stacy, not Mary Jane Watson!

When Joe is 15 (and played by Stacy Martin at that age), she loses her virginity to a slightly older biker, Jerome (Shia LaBeouf).

In October Putnam and his associate Adam Hunt traveled to Pennsylvania to interview author Stacy Brown.

“This show changed me and the trajectory of my life,” co-host Stacy London said in a statement.

The father of Mr. Stacy Marks predestined him for the coach-building business.

The mention of supper was all that Stacy needed to start him.

As a result Stacy swallowed all the water that came his way.

"For goodness' sake, forget your appetite," growled Ned in Stacy's ear.

"I thought we were going to cross the river," said Stacy Brown.