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[ steyd ]


, Geology.
  1. a period of time represented by a glacial deposit.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stade1

1530–40; < Middle French (earlier estade ) < Latin stadium; stadium
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Example Sentences

French rugby players provided similar knowing delight in their Dieux du Stade calendars.

But now it is just a stadium like the Emirates Stadium [in London] or Stade de France.

But even the estimate of Ctesias, assuming the stade to be its usual length, would imply an area of about 100 sq. m.

We have no more to add, than that four thousand Hanoverians are on their march for Stade to embark for America.

Nov. 17th, die lun, I met Mr. Dyer comming to Stade, even in the myddle of the town.

They sailed one night on to some hidden rocks before Stade, and then Giermund and all his crew perished.

Later Stade spent several most trying years as the captive of a cannibalistic tribe.


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