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[ steyjd ]


  1. adapted for or produced on the stage.
  2. contrived for a desired impression:

    It was a staged, rather than spontaneous, demonstration of affection.

  3. occurring or planned to occur in stages:

    a staged increase in wages.

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Other Words From

  • un·staged adjective
  • well-staged adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of staged1

First recorded in 1560–70; stage + -ed 3

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Example Sentences

So some sort of hybrid or staged or false flag kind of attack in tandem with a political coup in Kiev, where he works to install a more Russia-loyal leader.

When Yoo and Lee were arrested for the bombing and the snakes, Korean film employees staged protests demanding their release.

No wonder somebody using North Korean code staged a raid on Sony Pictures.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute has staged some truly fantastic shows over the past few years.

Conflicts and resolutions were staged with the skill of a chessplayer working out new endgame strategies.

“She has staged a revolution,” said one former security advisor.

Then on to the corrals, where some spectacular broncho busting was staged for the sole benefit of the visitors.

Fairbridge looked down upon it, and seldom patronised the shows (they never said “plays”) staged in its miniature theatre.

After two performances, without scenery or costumes, it was staged no more, and had no sale when published by the author.

The play was well written and staged, and Elsie Leslie was charming enough in her parts, but in the duality lay the difficulty.

This was the theater where his own little drama of unfitness and failure and private mortification had been staged and acted.


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