Origin of stag

1150–1200; Middle English stagge; akin to Old Norse steggi, steggr male bird (> E (north dial.) steg gander), Icelandic steggur male fox, tomcat
Related formsstag·like, adjective
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Historical Examples of stagged

  • The tight driver's shoe and "stagged" trousers had not then come into use.

    The Riverman

    Stewart Edward White

  • He clambered laboriously from the shallows, the water draining from the bottom of his "stagged" trousers.

    The Rules of the Game

    Stewart Edward White

British Dictionary definitions for stagged



the adult male of a deer, esp a red deer
a man unaccompanied by a woman at a social gathering
stock exchange, British
  1. a speculator who applies for shares in a new issue in anticipation of a rise in price when trading commences in order to make a quick profit on resale
  2. (as modifier)stag operations
(modifier) (of a social gathering) attended by men only
(modifier) pornographic in contenta stag show


without a female escort

verb (tr)

stock exchange to apply for (shares in a new issue) with the intention of selling them for a quick profit when trading commences

Word Origin for stag

Old English stagga (unattested); related to Old Norse steggr male bird
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Word Origin and History for stagged



late 12c., probably from Old English *stagga "stag," from Proto-Germanic *stag- (see sting). The Old Norse equivalent was used of male foxes, tomcats and dragons and the Germanic root word perhaps originally meant "male animal in its prime." Meaning "pertaining to or composed of males only" (stag party) is American English slang from 1848. Stag film "pornographic movie" is attested from 1968.

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Idioms and Phrases with stagged


In addition to the idiom beginning with stag

  • stage fright
  • stage whisper
  • stag party

also see:

  • go stag
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