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[ sel-uh-brey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of celebrating:

    We want to do something special in celebration of Amy’s great new job.

  2. a party or other festive event for celebrating something:

    Don’t you think the birthday celebrations for preschoolers in this neighborhood are a bit over the top?

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Other Words From

  • in·ter·cel·e·bra·tion noun
  • non·cel·e·bra·tion noun
  • pre·cel·e·bra·tion noun
  • re·cel·e·bra·tion noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of celebration1

First recorded in 1480–90; from Latin celebrātiōn- (stem of celebrātiō ) “large gathering, widespread use, celebration (of a festival)”; celebrate, -ion

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Example Sentences

“In celebration of Burn Your Mask Day we decided to spread some freedom dust over the shoppers and employees of Target!”

From Fortune

Their clients are often spending hundreds of thousands, or even millions, on their celebration.

From Fortune

On that note, let’s take a look at the celebrations of their lives via the windows of their souls.

From Ozy

When Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of etiquette legend Emily Post, received Lachevre’s notice about her wedding changes, she says she cheered up reading it, rather than feeling like she was uninvited from the celebration.

From Fortune

So go ahead and forgive, since there’s more celebration than death-watch here anyhow, and each small sweetness will make you wish you’d known Perry, too.

The moment came where newly graduated cops customarily toss their white gloves into the air in celebration.

The prison camp island nation known as Cuba erupted in celebration.

A table creaking under the weight of a Christmas banquet, a classic celebration of binge eating and drinking.

The resulting photographs are a celebration, bringing to life the peerless spirit embodied by The Macallan.

In celebration of the darkest of Black Fridays, she just released a new single, “Pietà.”

On Corpus Christi's Eve, the usual celebration greatly aggrieved the perth weekly assembly.

It is thought that in the celebration of worship one of these chambers was designed for men and the other for women.

As it happened, he was given an opportunity, when he was invited to the harvest celebration that was held each year at Silverdale.

Fireworks now enter into the celebration of every important event in our national, political and business life.

And only the supreme levity of innocence could have devised and accomplished this amazing celebration.