[ sel-uh-breyt ]
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verb (used with object),cel·e·brat·ed, cel·e·brat·ing.
  1. to observe (a day) or commemorate (an event) with ceremonies or festivities: to celebrate Christmas; to celebrate the success of a new play.

  2. to make known publicly; proclaim: The newspaper celebrated the end of the war in red headlines.

  1. to praise widely or to present to widespread and favorable public notice, as through newspapers or novels:a novel celebrating the joys of marriage; the countryside celebrated in the novels of Hardy.

  2. to perform with appropriate rites and ceremonies; solemnize: to celebrate a marriage.

verb (used without object),cel·e·brat·ed, cel·e·brat·ing.
  1. to observe a day or commemorate an event with ceremonies or festivities.

  2. to perform a religious ceremony, especially Mass or the Lord's Supper.

  1. to have or participate in a party, drinking spree, or uninhibited good time: You look like you were up celebrating all night.

Origin of celebrate

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English, from Latin celebrātus, past participle of celebrāre “to solemnize, celebrate, honor,” equivalent to celebr- (stem of celeber ) “often repeated, famous” + -ātus past participle suffix; see -ate1

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  • cel·e·bra·tive, adjective
  • cel·e·bra·tor, cel·e·brat·er, noun
  • cel·e·bra·to·ry [sel-uh-bruh-tawr-ee], /ˈsɛl ə brəˌtɔr i/, adjective
  • pre·cel·e·brate, verb, pre·cel·e·brat·ed, pre·cel·e·brat·ing.
  • re·cel·e·brate, verb, re·cel·e·brat·ed, re·cel·e·brat·ing.
  • un·cel·e·brat·ing, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for celebrate


/ (ˈsɛlɪˌbreɪt) /

  1. to rejoice in or have special festivities to mark (a happy day, event, etc)

  2. (tr) to observe (a birthday, anniversary, etc): she celebrates her ninetieth birthday next month

  1. (tr) to perform (a solemn or religious ceremony), esp to officiate at (Mass)

  2. (tr) to praise publicly; proclaim

Origin of celebrate

C15: from Latin celebrāre, from celeber numerous, thronged, renowned

Derived forms of celebrate

  • celebration, noun
  • celebrative, adjective
  • celebrator, noun
  • celebratory, adjective

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