/ ˈstæɡəz /


  1. a form of vertigo associated with decompression sickness
  2. Also calledblind staggers a disease of horses and some other domestic animals characterized by a swaying unsteady gait, caused by infection, toxins, or lesions of the central nervous system

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Example Sentences

Wherever life has not died out, it staggers to its feet again.

McDonald staggers through the crowd – to run off stage and get a fix – and nearly tumbles onto a table.

The whole business of when you release movies still staggers me.

In time a freeman bursts through, with perspyration poorin' down his nose, hurls his suffrage at th' judge an' staggers out.

And the fact that Maynebrace is now an admiral and Staggers only a captain doesn't improve matters.

Like one roused from some strange stupor, Frank staggers to his feet.

Well, I believe we can't venture to decide this morning (he staggers) about the shade.

We will load the back of this Mohican until he staggers under our bounty, and dispatch him after my young men.





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