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[ staw-king ]


  1. the act or an instance of stalking, or harassing another in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner:

    Stalking is now a crime in many states.


  1. of or relating to the act of pursuing or harassing:

    Stalking laws have alleviated some problems for famous people.

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Other Words From

  • stalking·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stalking1

stalk 2 (verb) + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Six of them, including the former NYPD detective, were also charged with conspiracy to engage in interstate stalking.

Along with helping you find lost items, AirTags are a new means of inexpensive, effective stalking.

When Greenberg was first charged by federal authorities in June 2020, the indictment was only for stalking and unlawfully using the identity of another person — both counts stemming from his bid to smear Beute.

Another Carlsbad councilwoman filed police reports against two different men who she said threatened her in phone calls and texts and through stalking.

Lamar Dontae McCarthy, 23, is charged with sexual battery and two counts of felony stalking.

On and offline, offenses ranged from awful Tinder messages to violent threats on Twitter to street stalking.

ARS identified what it called the “stalker gap,” where people convicted of stalking as a misdemeanor can still carry guns.

They only went on one date, and then Morello began stalking him.

When the persistent passive-aggressive Nice Guy act fails, do they step it up to elaborate Steve-Urkel-esque stalking and stunts?

She goes to a fashion show and a champagne glass is framed in the shot like the serial killer in a horror film stalking its prey.

I pulled the saddle off my horse, slapped it down on the dirt floor, and went stalking up to the long cabin.

When a hungry lion is watching for prey, the sight of any animal will make him commence stalking it.

They each told their story (these, you will observe were talking ghosts as well as stalking ghosts).

One day, as Old Man Winter was stalking through a forest, he came upon a hunter's lodge.

Is it war, I ask you, to seek to poison the drinking water of an enemy, to send stalking into their midst some loathsome disease?


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