[ stawld ]
/ stɔld /
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stuck or not moving; at a standstill:A spacewalk will be required to repair the stalled robotic arm on the space station's solar array.Intense storm systems along the stalled cold front have dropped heavy rains throughout the metro area.
(of a motor or vehicle) having come to a stop because of engine failure or a poor fuel mixture:Rain and sleet smack the surface of the lake as Jules fumbles with a stalled outboard motor.
(of an aircraft or airfoil) no longer generating lift due to an excessive angle of attack:At a sustained high angle the airfoil becomes useless, resulting in a stalled aircraft.
kept in a stall, a compartment usually intended for the accomodation of one animal:Our overwhelming first impression is of the piquant smell of sheep blending with the manure of the stalled oxen and a milk cow.
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