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stamp out


  1. to put out or extinguish by stamping

    to stamp out a fire

  2. to crush or suppress by force

    to stamp out a rebellion

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Idioms and Phrases

Extinguish or destroy, as in The government stamped out the rebellion in a brutal way , or The police were determined to stamp out drug dealers . This metaphoric expression alludes to extinguishing a fire by trampling on it. [Mid-1800s]
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Example Sentences

In Washington, being the guy on a mission to stamp out leaks is a bit like being the lone narc at Woodstock.

Should I stamp out the radicals so that we could keep our money?

If he could not stamp out the Christians with his hordes, at least he could make famine and thirst fight against them.

The great powers of the Continent were united in one supreme effort to stamp out the new heresy.

The continental powers were again united in a supreme effort to stamp out Protestantism, and England once more stood almost alone.

They were once more friends, comrades, and together they labored to stamp out the destroyer.

Such a man as John Brown felt that it was his duty to stamp out the pest of slavery at any cost.


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