[ stan ]


  1. an overly enthusiastic fan, especially of a celebrity.

verb (used without object)

  1. to be an overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something:

    He's my fave rapper but I don't stan for him.



[ stan ]


  1. a male given name, form of Stanley.


Sometimes Disparaging.
  1. a combining form used humorously to form mock place names, as in Canuckistan, a nickname for Canada, or Nerdistan, any place dominated by high-tech industry and therefore supposedly populated by nerds: sometimes suggesting isolation, backwardness, or lack of freedom.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stan1

First recorded in 2005–10; blend of stalk(er) ( def ) + fan 2( def ), influenced by the rapper Eminem's 2000 song “Stan”

Origin of stan2

First recorded in 1955–60; from Persian -stân “place of (something), place abounding in (something),” akin to Sanskrit sthā́na “location, place”; stand ( def )

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Example Sentences

It wasn’t until years later, after I became good friends with Stan, knew him to the day he died, and loved him dearly, that I knew Joanie was his absolute beloved and that he couldn’t mention someone who came before her.

More troubling, she left behind her phone and the reverberations of an argument with Stan.

The name “Stan” was a reference to her grandfather, but Petito never referred to him in that way, the warrant says.

When artist Larry Lieber was desperately looking for work, a staffer dismissed him by saying “the only people Stan thinks about are himself and his family, and that doesn’t include you.”

Stan, at least, appears to have taken a cue from them when building his New Orleans Pelicans defense.

Clooney's personal publicist, Stan Rosenfield, declined to comment.

Arkansas, for instance, tabbed Stan Heath to replace Nolan Richardson in 2002.

Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, published a video in which he said that Glover should be given a chance.

Now, 13 years later, Stan's little brother Matthew is back to avenge his death.

So when Amador shows up dead, Stan has sort of boxed himself into a corner.

Stan's to reason,' says I, 'it's an old deserted house, an' he's goin' to git part of a night's rest there.

I hadn't time to think, for I had passed t' point, and t' chap couldn't stan' no more.

It's right ferninst where yer afther stan'in, up the stairs on the corner of Granefield Coort—over there, bedad.

Miss Alice is ergwine ter stan twixt yu und de jedge, dats who.

"I'm agwine to stan betwixt yu und de jedge, dats who," replied Clarissa consequentially.





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