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or stand·down

[ stand-doun ]


  1. Military. a temporary cessation of offensive actions; cease-fire; truce:

    a stand-down for the Christmas holidays.

  2. a work stoppage or layoff.

stand down


  1. intr to resign or withdraw, esp in favour of another
  2. intr to leave the witness box in a court of law after giving evidence
  3. to go or be taken off duty

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stand-down1

First recorded in 1920–25; noun use of verb phrase stand down

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Example Sentences

The safety of American personnel at the American consulate in Libya was undermined by a “stand down order.”

Central to the Benghazi conspiracy: the alleged stand-down order that kept help from arriving from Tripoli.

Did the commander in chief ask military assets to stand down?

The men were initially going to be deployed to the area, and were then told to “stand down,” they said.

What are they doing to achieve an immediate military stand down?

At this very unexpected reply the spectators tittered, and Mr. Sergeant Buzfuz said curtly, "Stand down, sir."

Tell me, Jack, will you be apt to get any further lines on the way things stand down here?

But I'd hardly begun when I was ordered to stand down as a liar as well as a thief.

A formal verdict having been entered, the judge ordered the prisoner to stand down, postponing sentence.

"We have done with you; you can stand down," replied Mr. Keir, in mortification and disgust.