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[ stand-in ]


  1. a substitute for a motion-picture star during the preparation of lighting, cameras, etc., or in dangerous scenes.
  2. any substitute.

stand in


  1. intr, adverbusually foll byfor to act as a substitute
  2. stand someone in good stead
    to be of benefit or advantage to someone


    1. a person or thing that serves as a substitute
    2. ( as modifier )

      a stand-in teacher

  1. a person who substitutes for an actor during intervals of waiting or in dangerous stunts

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stand-in1

First recorded in 1930–35; noun use of verb phrase stand in

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Example Sentences

You could say this character is a stand-in for all of America.

Even Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston pops up as—fittingly—the 'Pornstache' stand-in.

Is the Pentecostal Jim Casy a stand-in for another martyred J.C.?

It starts with Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, the stand-in for all of us.

Portland just makes a really good backdrop and is a good stand-in for other cities.

When yuh get good and refreshed up, you can come and look on at me and Irish acting pretty and getting a stand-in.

Was that the height of the Governor himself or the Governor's stand-in?

What was the adjusted frame for the first view that the marksman had of the President's stand-in coming out from under the tree?

Distance from the chalk mark on the back of the stand-in for the President to the station C is 136.6 feet.

From the rifle to the chalk mark on the back of the stand-in for the President.