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stand over


  1. intr, preposition to watch closely; keep tight control over
  2. adverb to postpone or be postponed
  3. informal.
    intr, preposition to threaten or intimidate (a person)


  1. informal.
    a threatening or intimidating act

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Example Sentences

How can you, as an officer of the US Marine Corps, stand over me in judgment?

Marie and her mother couldn't put anything over on him—he'd stand over that furniture with a sheriff first.

In summer the cream should be churned on the following day; in winter it may stand over two days.

If you like to give us a cheque for a thousand pounds, we will agree to let the matter stand over for the present.

Or, apply turpentine or kerosene, and after allowing to stand over night, clean with emery cloth.

This does not mean that the mistress should stand over a servant and dictate the way in which every duty is to be performed.





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