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or stand·up

[ stand-uhp ]


  1. standing erect or upright, as a collar.
  2. performed, taken, etc., while one stands:

    a stand-up meal.

  3. designed for or requiring a standing position:

    a stand-up lunch counter.

  4. (of a fight) characterized by the rapid exchange of many blows with little attention given to defensive maneuvering.
  5. (of a person) characterized by an erect or bold stance.
  6. Baseball. (of a double or triple) pertaining to a hit that allows the hitter to reach the base safely without having to slide.
  7. relating to or noting a performance by a comedian delivering a monologue while alone on the stage:

    stand-up comedy;

    the best stand-up comics.

  8. Slang. loyal and dependable:

    He seems to be a real stand-up guy.


  1. comedy in which a comedian delivers a monologue while alone on the stage:

    We bought tickets to see some stand-up at a club downtown.

  2. a comedian who delivers such monologues:

    I've been a stand-up for about five years.

stand up


  1. intr to rise to the feet
  2. intr to resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc
  3. informal.
    tr to fail to keep an appointment with, esp intentionally
  4. stand up for
    1. to support, side with, or defend
    2. to serve as best man for (the groom) at a wedding
  5. stand up to
    1. to confront or resist courageously
    2. to withstand or endure (wear, criticism, etc)


  1. having or being in an erect position

    a stand-up collar

  2. done, performed, taken, etc, while standing

    a stand-up meal

  3. (of comedy or a comedian) performed or performing solo
  4. informal.
    (of a boxer) having an aggressive style without much leg movement

    a stand-up fighter


  1. a stand-up comedian
  2. stand-up comedy

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stand-up1

First recorded in 1580–90; adjective and noun use of verb phrase stand up

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Example Sentences

To be a liberal, you have to stand up for liberal principles.

Spencer, 27,  is variously described as a writer and a stand-up comic.

Is there any chance the potential 2016 hopeful will stand up to the right and embrace paid sick leave?

He might even stand up for these rookies he was now calling children of God.

Kanye West wants people to stand up and dance at his concerts.

Then, as Squinty remembered how he had been taught to stand up on his hind legs, he thought he would do that trick now.

Have plenty of chairs ready in the drawing-room, as an invitation to dinner by no means argues a "stand up" party.

The red comb on the top of his head has teeth like a carpenter's saw, and is so large it will not stand up straight.

He was thought brave, for no man in the Ozarks dared to stand up against him in a fight, but at heart he was a coward.

From that day my affairs have gone from bad to worse, and I have naught in the wide world but the clothes I stand up in.