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stand by


  1. intr, adverb to be available and ready to act if needed or called upon
  2. intr, adverb to be present as an onlooker or without taking any action

    he stood by at the accident

  3. intr, preposition to be faithful to

    to stand by one's principles

  4. tr, adverb English law (of the Crown) to challenge (a juror) without needing to show cause


    1. a person or thing that is ready for use or can be relied on in an emergency
    2. ( as modifier )

      stand-by provisions

  1. on stand-by
    in a state of readiness for action or use


  1. (of an airline passenger, fare, or seat) not booked in advance but awaiting or subject to availability
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Example Sentences

“In the end, she was a Kennedy-stand-by-your-man gal,” said producer B. J. Rack, who had worked on two films with Schwarzenegger.

As a founding member of JStreet, Peratis could have left her stereotypical beliefs about settlers for once on stand-by mode.

Interestingly, Sinclair remains stunningly untarnished in France over her devout stand-by-her-man stance.

This alternative arrangement was a stand-by in case of breakdown of the steam pipes to these engines.

At last the maneuver was completed and the engines shut down to stand-by.

The standard tap and the first and second stand-by taps were no longer tapping power from the main generators.

"I betche the boys ain't gitting enough old stand-by-yuh chuck," he decided at length.

The two men eagerly lighted one each, and then, taking a few more as a stand-by, proceeded to explore.