or stand-a·lone

[ stand-uh-lohn ]


  1. complete unto itself; not being or understood as part of a set, system, or series; self-contained: The studio doubted that this story would find an audience as a stand-alone film.

    Our aerospace degree plan is a standalone program, and not a division of the mechanical engineering department.

    The studio doubted that this story would find an audience as a stand-alone film.

  2. Computers. able to operate without other hardware or software:

    There are several standalone apps you can use to add live captioning to your videos.


  1. a single work that may be understood and appreciated without knowledge of other episodes, books, issues, etc.:

    The author has taken a break from the series to put out two standalones just in time for the holidays.

  2. Computers. a device or program that does not need other hardware or software to fully function:

    A decent VR rig for your PC won’t be any cheaper than a standalone.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of standalone1

First recorded in 1965–70
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Example Sentences

The Care and Management of Lies: A Novel of the Great War, to be published July 1, is her first standalone novel.

They are now attracting a number of students who just go for the standalone degree.

The Google spokesperson declined to comment on whether Google has any plans to create a standalone Maps app for iOS.

It's a statement from The Huffington Post that being a standalone media product, no matter how mighty, can be a lonely place.

We were going to do that and we left one studio and went to another to do kind of standalone films.





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