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or stand-out

[ stand-out ]


  1. something or someone, as a person, performance, etc., remarkably superior to others:

    Evans was a standout in the mixed doubles.

  2. someone who is conspicuous in an area because of refusal to conform with the actions, opinions, desires, etc., of the majority.


  1. outstanding; superior.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of standout1

First recorded in 1895–1900 for the noun; adjective use of verb phrase stand out
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Example Sentences

The Terps’ standout performances from earlier conference games flashed promise, but that type of execution needs to be replicated from game to game.

One standout example is Harmony Square, which teachers users through role-play how troll farms work.

From Ozy

Draymond Green was a defensive standout for the Golden State Warriors.

The Terps managed to contain Dickinson, the 7-foot-1 center and former DeMatha standout who scored 26 points in the teams’ previous meeting.

At age 23, former KHL standout Kirill Kaprizov is poised to make an instant impact in his NHL debut with the Minnesota Wild.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are two other standout works, which depict Mary as a loving, nurturing mother.

Healey may not have won on Tuesday, but the return on his investment was a national standout.

Such standout performances have been rare: her big-screen blockbuster salvo, Batman Begins (2005), fizzled to nothing.

Now, the actress is back with a trio of standout performances in indie films.

The most popular dish is the totto spicy ramen, a standout for those who crave heat.

Work was suspended and after but a brief "standout" the whole ended in a complete victory for the workingmen.

A picture should not "standout" from its frame, but should go back into it, reaching even into infinity.





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