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[ stand-point ]


  1. the point or place at which a person stands to view something.
  2. the mental position, attitude, etc., from which a person views and judges things:

    From the lawyer's standpoint, her client is right.


/ ˈstændˌpɔɪnt /


  1. a physical or mental position from which things are viewed

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Word History and Origins

Origin of standpoint1

1820–30; stand + point, modeled on German Standpunkt

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Example Sentences

From the business standpoint, we are increasing our stake in a strategically important business with lots of potential for growth.

Waiting may not be an option, at least from an emotional standpoint.

From Fortune

However, you will need to see it from a logical standpoint whether doing so fits your business model.

I think that’s very important from a financial model standpoint.

That the original one was too difficult to maintain from a technological standpoint.

From Digiday

From a lyrical standpoint, there are precious few that can catch Kendrick.

A lot of people that I supported throughout the years from an IT standpoint said “Yeah Tonie, we already knew!”

Many young women in the BDSM subculture find their way into a dominant role, whether coming from a submissive standpoint or not.

From a writing standpoint, having written the Mindy and Danny storyline, do you have any idea why TV is a place that suits this?

From a production standpoint, most of Napa has been lucky and irrepressible in the aftermath.

From my standpoint it was all right now, but Weston did not know that, so he whistled softly to himself.

Flooded with June sunshine the agency had never looked more attractive, from the white man's standpoint.

A lawyer would try to defend, or palliate, my act from the standpoint of the law.

Also the most destructive to life, considered from the standpoint of proportion of casualties to numbers engaged.

Then when the grasp has become sure from this standpoint, he may assume the more difficult role of the omniscient third person.


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