/ ˈstænlɪˌvɪl /


  1. the former name (until 1966) of Kisangani
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Example Sentences

The city of Stanleyville—now called Kisangani—was a majestic port city as deep as one can go into the Heart of Darkness.

It was headquartered in Stanleyville, in a tall corner building that still stands in the decrepit, yet lively, downtown.

Botala remembers that the rebels would pull into the island, loot what they could, and then take the haul back to Stanleyville.

Spirits in Stanleyville were high, and a local 19-year-old was emboldened by independence fever.

One month after the operation, Holm arrived in a ghostly Stanleyville posing as a State Department representative.

The price of everything which has to be carried from Europe is very high at Stanleyville for the cost of transport is very great.

Next day we passed the «Kintamo», which was forcing its way up against the stream with a cargo of rails directed to Stanleyville.

Some of the State boats that make the long trip to Stanleyville are very large ships.

At Stanleyville the Minister of the Colonies had a great reception.

Stanleyville marked one of the real mileposts of my journey.





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