stannic acid


, Chemistry.
  1. any of the series of acids usually occurring as amorphous powders and varying in composition from H 2 SnO 3 alpha-stannic acid to H 4 SnO 4 .

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stannic acid1

First recorded in 1780–90

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Example Sentences

Stannic acid has a greater tendency to form a base than has silicic acid.

There is also an acid, H2SnO3, called stannic acid, which forms a series of salts called stannates.

The tin contained in the stannate is deposited on the cotton in the form of stannic oxide, or, more strictly, stannic acid.

Protoxide of tin takes fire in the flame of oxidation, and burns with flame and some white vapor into tin acid, or stannic acid.

Tin forms stannic acid which probably produces stannates with copper and lead.


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