star cluster

noun Astronomy.

a number of stars of common origin held together as a group by gravitational attraction.Compare globular cluster, open cluster, stellar association.

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Examples from the Web for star cluster

  • Singularly enough the winter solstice is also near a star-cluster.

    Astronomy with an Opera-glass|Garrett Putman Serviss
  • They looked like moving stars, flying in formation from star-cluster to star-cluster.

    Creatures of the Abyss|Murray Leinster
  • And a certain calcium cloud with a star-cluster behind it was as good as a highway sign for locating one's self.

    The Pirates of Ersatz|Murray Leinster
  • One of Barnard's earliest and most excellent photographs includes two of them, both in the star-cluster M8.

    Curiosities of the Sky|Garrett Serviss