star cluster

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  1. a number of stars of common origin held together as a group by gravitational attraction.: Compare globular cluster, open cluster, stellar association.

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How to use star cluster in a sentence

  • He considered that the Milky Way is a great star cluster, whose form may be conjectured from numerous star-gaugings.

    History of Astronomy | George Forbes
  • And here the possessor of a good opera-glass can get a fine view of a celebrated star-cluster known in the catalogues as 35 M.

    Astronomy with an Opera-glass | Garrett Putman Serviss
  • Another star cluster worth a moment's attention is No. 1479, above and to the left of Sirius.

    Pleasures of the telescope | Garrett Serviss
  • Some three degrees and a half below and to the left of the star just examined is a beautiful star cluster, No. 1551.

    Pleasures of the telescope | Garrett Serviss
  • The star cluster 4400 is about one quarter as broad as the moon, and easily seen with our smallest aperture.

    Pleasures of the telescope | Garrett Serviss