[ stahrk-lee ]

  1. in a harsh, grim, or desolate way: Working in the slums confronted us starkly with the sufferings of others.

  2. extremely simply, sparely, or austerely: Even in wealthier households, bedrooms were starkly furnished, with just a bed and perhaps a chair and a small table.

  1. in a blunt or sternly plain way, without softening: To put it more starkly, your great-grandmother was a common criminal.

  2. in a way that is highly contrastive; distinctly or sharply: The case presents two starkly different views of mobile device targeting by advertisers.

  3. completely or utterly; downright: We both know that it's starkly impossible to hide an operation as big as that from a spy system as good as theirs.

Origin of starkly

First recorded before 900; stark + -ly

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