[ stahrd ]
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  1. set or studded with or as with stars.

  2. decorated with a star, as of an order.

  1. marked with a starlike figure or spot, especially an asterisk.

  2. Linguistics. (of a form or construction) ungrammatical or otherwise unacceptable: so called because of the convention of placing an asterisk before such a form.: Compare asterisk (def. 2).

  3. Historical Linguistics. (of a form) hypothetical or reconstructed, but unattested.: Compare asterisk (def. 3).

Origin of starred

Middle English word dating back to 1175–1225; see origin at star, -ed3

Other words from starred

  • un·starred, adjective

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How to use starred in a sentence

  • He chiefly divided his time between the House of Lords and sitting at home, lamenting over his own ill-starred existence.

    Elster's Folly | Mrs. Henry Wood
  • And thus chatting and meditating they went on their way through meadows starred with flowers.

    Honey-Bee | Anatole France
  • They starred it in the far West mostly, until her health and mind gave way, and she went raving mad on the stage, I believe.

    The Cromptons | Mary J. Holmes
  • The settlement no doubt was influenced by the imminence of a large expansion of policy—the ill-starred Irish expedition.

    King Robert the Bruce | A. F. Murison
  • These ill-starred men, a prey to a sort of delirium, ran to their huts and gathered up the little that they possessed.

British Dictionary definitions for starred


/ (stɑːd) /

    • having luck or fortune as specified

    • (in combination): ill-starred

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