[ stahr-ship ]


  1. a spaceship designed for intergalactic travel.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of starship1

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Example Sentences

It features 1,023 pieces that, when assembled, reveal a fierce starship that includes spring-loaded shooters, a cargo hold, and a detachable escape pod.

The starship also includes two stud shooters, so you can bring the Empire fleet to its knees.

This could be a massive castle, a replica of the starship Enterprise, or even a fully functional computer.

As you have multiple Starships coming and landing, instead of landing on native Martian terrain, you can do some experiments early with different landing components and techniques for creating landing pads, to see which ones work best.

Towering nearly 400 feet tall, the rocket – Starship – is designed to take NASA astronauts to the moon.

And now we have the responsibility to steer the starship, as Bucky Fuller would say.

Art led the family starship on keyboard and did his own good share of singing.

I think Starship Troopers is a brilliant satire and an underrated masterpiece.

The newest addition to the Starship Enterprise is the stunning British actress Alice Eve.

After all, these are people who “nine times out of 10 post pictures of themselves Photoshopped on the starship.”

He ran with them to one of the repair bays of the great, doom-bound starship.

They were stopping each person who got off the starship, asking for identity papers.

The gap in the starship's side was closing, and still Bart had not seen the tall, slim, flame-haired figure of his father.

It would be at least an hour before I could board the starship, with nothing to do but hash over old memories, better forgotten.

Then I turned toward the blue-white lights that hurt my eyes, and the starship that loomed, huge and hateful, before me.





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