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start up


  1. to come or cause to come into being for the first time; originate
  2. intr to spring or jump suddenly from a position or place
  3. to set in or go into motion, activity, etc

    the orchestra started up

    he started up the engine


  1. of or relating to input, usually financial, made to establish a new project or business

    a start-up mortgage


  1. a business enterprise that has been launched recently

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Example Sentences

Kickstarter is one start-up platform that seems to have realized the danger.

Google was once a struggling start-up with little money to spend, but that was a long, long time ago … before the music died.

Cheshire County Jail in Keene, N.H., looks more like a small college campus or a tech start-up than a house of detention.

In other words: cut out the fat, remove middle managers, focus on what makes the business run, and be more like a start-up.

Harvest Power, a young start-up based in Waltham, Massachusetts, had a different vision for food waste.

If a professor called his name suddenly, he would start up and answer, "Coming, sir—coming!"

At seven o'clock, a horrible din makes you start up in bed and tremble from head to foot.

Laughing at intervals that low gurgle which sprang from fear, as some wild bird would start up at his approach, he plodded on.

The way that she seemed to start up just when—so soon after we had lost dear granny, and in a sense our home.'

Something made me start up, a low, piteous howling of dogs somewhere far below in the valley, which was hidden from my sight.