state law

[ steyt law ]


  1. in the United States or any country comprising quasi-autonomous states, a law or body of laws passed by the legislature of a state: Compare federal law ( def ), provincial law ( def ).

    Evidence that would be admissible in court under the federal constitution might be inadmissible under state law.

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Example Sentences

Most American law is state law, and the most important state political figure in every state is the governor.

When it comes to protecting birds of prey, Illinois state law can be an ass.

Louisiana state law—contrary to what UNO official policy claims—affirms this fact.

But there are critical contradictions between Louisiana state law and UNO policy.

Under state law, charter schools must have at least 65 students enrolled, but Douglass Academy was well below that.

Don't call to mind no state law ag'in' Congregationalists marryin' Baptists.

The plan to be discussed is based upon the Indiana State law.

So, as Webster declared, no State law or judicial decision of a State could interfere.

Processes were to run in the name of the provisional government and according to the forms provided by state law.

A state law should prohibit prison contract labor in the state of X——.