state university


  1. a university maintained by the government of a state.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of state university1

An Americanism dating back to 1825–35
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Example Sentences

At least three top researchers have been dismissed or have resigned from their posts in government or at state universities amid pressure from bosses.

By state university policy, she can’t instruct her students to wear masks.

He claims, falsely, “many people thought I was overreacting” when he announced the transition to remote learning for the city and state university systems.

However, at least one state legislature — Michigan’s — is considering barring state universities from requiring vaccines as a condition of taking in-person classes, contending a vaccine requirement would infringe on matters of individual choice.

What we’re looking for, if we’re considering spending a whole lot more than whatever our state university costs, is something extra.

From Time

Aduyeva received her education at the State University of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg.

A shooter opened fire inside the library at Florida State University this morning.

She now serves as an Associate Professor at Colorado State University and has authored several books on autism and animal science.

Robert M. Dowling is professor of English at Central Connecticut State University.

Not her own—but Landrieu did provide an assist to a man doing a keg stand at Louisiana State University.

In 1819, the Virginia legislature passed an act establishing a state university in Virginia.

But a still more interesting story is that connected with the establishment of the State University in Kansas.

I got the State University catalogue and began to plan the studying I did nights so it would help me enter.

She became a German teacher and up to the outbreak of the War had an instructorship in a western state university.

Two weeks after the contest with State University four more games with minor colleges had been played and won by Wayne.





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