state visit


  1. an official visit of the chief of state of one country to that of another.

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Example Sentences

Hollande had given himself until a Feb. 11 state visit to Washington to make up his mind.

In 1988 she was the last head of government to come to Washington for a state visit [under President Reagan].

Her state visit to the Republic of Ireland last year paved the way for today's historic developments.

It established the goodwill that her husband put to such excellent diplomatic use during his state visit.

It was no state visit, but the going of one who would speak with an erring friend in private.

One day he came to pay us sort of a state visit, and a little later his three wives followed in order of their rank.

She came to see me twice since my arrival in town, in all the formal parade of a state visit.

Here he painted pictures for the corporation, whose chief magistrates honoured him with a state visit in 1424.

Whitefield met him, and was so much delighted with him, that he wrote off to Bethesda to prepare them for a state visit.





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