/ (ˈsteɪə) /

  1. a person or thing that stays

  2. informal

    • a persistent or tenacious person

    • horse racing a persistent horse

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How to use stayer in a sentence

  • The banker, knowing he was a stayer, lent him the cash he needed, and so he became a property owner.

    The Iron Puddler | James J. Davis
  • He held down both jobs for 25 years, which proved he was a stayer.

  • She was considerate in all things, not wasteful of any thing, a stayer at home, prudent and disposed to seriousness.

    The Pilot's Daughter | Francis Cunningham
  • Speaking of brush wolves: The kind of dog needed is a good ranger, extra good cold trailer and an everlasting stayer.

    Hunting Dogs | Oliver Hartley
  • Human knowledge is relative, not absolute, and the inveterate stayer at home is but a poor judge of his own birthplace.

    A Rambler's lease | Bradford Torrey