[ steel ]
/ stil /
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pertaining to or made of steel.
like steel in color, hardness, or strength.

verb (used with object)



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Origin of steel

before 900; (noun) Middle English stele,Old English (north) stēle; cognate with Dutch staal,German Stahl,Old Norse stāl; (v.) Middle English stelen,Old English styled edged with steel, derivative of the noun
steellike, adjectivepre·steel, noun, adjective
steal, steel , stele
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British Dictionary definitions for steel (1 of 2)

/ (stiːl) /


verb (tr)

to fit, plate, edge, or point with steel
to make hard and unfeelinghe steeled his heart against her sorrow; he steeled himself for the blow
steely, adjectivesteeliness, noun
Old English stēli; related to Old High German stehli, Middle Dutch stael

British Dictionary definitions for steel (2 of 2)

/ (stiːl) /


Danielle, full name Danielle Fernande Schüelein-Steel. born 1950, US writer of romantic fiction
Baron David (Martin Scott). born 1938, British politician; leader of the Liberal Party (1976–88); Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament (1999–2003)
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Scientific definitions for steel

[ stēl ]

Any of various hard, strong, flexible alloys of iron and carbon. Often, other metals are added to give steel a particular property, such as chromium and nickel to make it stainless. Steel is widely used in many kinds of tools and as a structural material in building.
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