steel grey


  1. a dark grey colour, usually slightly purple
  2. (as adjective)a steel-grey suit

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Examples from the Web for steel grey

Historical Examples of steel grey

  • In colour the Skye should be a steel-grey or blue, silver-grey, or fawn.

    Sporting Dogs

    Frank Townend Barton

  • Edith's steel-grey eyes were fixed on him, coldly compelling.


    William Somerset Maugham

  • It is obtained as a steel-grey crystalline powder by igniting the oxide or any ferric salt containing a volatile acid.

  • Instead, of a sharp skinny ear, and a steel-grey eye—one or other of which she suspects to be covering the keyhole.

    Gwen Wynn

    Mayne Reid

  • The night was dark, shreds of cloud raced across a steel-grey sky, while a greenish patch showed the position of the moon.