[stee-puh l]
  1. an ornamental construction, usually ending in a spire, erected on a roof or tower of a church, public building, etc.
  2. a tower terminating in such a construction.
  3. (loosely) a spire.
verb (used with object), stee·pled, stee·pling.
  1. to provide with or form into a steeple or steeplelike configuration.

Origin of steeple

before 1000; Middle English stepel steeple, tower, Old English stēpel tower. See steep1, -le
Related formsstee·pled, adjectivestee·ple·less, adjectivestee·ple·like, adjectiveun·stee·pled, adjective
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Historical Examples of steepling

  • The natural site of Edinburgh is remarkable, consisting of three rocky ledges, steepling over deep ravines.

    Peter Parley's Own Story

    Samuel G. Goodrich

British Dictionary definitions for steepling


  1. a tall ornamental tower that forms the superstructure of a church, temple, etc
  2. such a tower with the spire above it
  3. any spire or pointed structure
Derived Formssteepled, adjective

Word Origin for steeple

Old English stēpel; see steep 1
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Word Origin and History for steepling



Old English stepel (Mercian), stiepel (West Saxon) "high tower" (related to steap "high, lofty"), from Proto-Germanic *staupilaz (see steep (adj.)).

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