/ (ˌstɛɡəˈmaɪə) /

  1. a former name for aedes

Origin of stegomyia

C19: from Greek stegos roof + -myia, from muia a fly

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How to use stegomyia in a sentence

  • The stegomyia flies and bites in the early afternoon and again at night, the anopheles flies and bites after sunset.

  • In the same way stegomyia occurs in some of the South Sea islands and yet there is no yellow fever there.

    Insects and Diseases | Rennie W. Doane
  • Yellow fever germs will develop only in the mosquito called, stegomyia.

  • The fact that it is unknown in India is very remarkable, seeing that stegomyia is a very prevalent variety of mosquito there.

  • These breeding-places of the stegomyia have now been done away with completely in Panama, and almost completely in Colon.